Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Do I Organize My Stamps?

What is the best way to organize your stamps? 
How do I organize mine?

There are 3 basic systems for stamp organization:
  1.  Alphabetically
  2.  Number system
  3. Category
There is not a one-size-fits-all organizational system.  You need to have a system that works for YOU.  So let's look at each system.  

Alphabetical:  This is a great system as it's quick and easy to find things.  In addition, we are used to looking for other things alphabetically.  The major drawback to this system is that you have to really know the names of your stamp sets.  If you're good with names, this is the system for you!

Number system:  For this system, you simply affix a number to your stamp sets and keep a list, sort of like a library system where each book has a number.  You can simply number your sets in the order you purchase them or make a more specific system where nature sets begin with a 1, greetings sets begin with a 2, etc.  This is a great system for the very organized people out there.  God bless you all!

Category:  For this system, you organize your stamps according to the category they are listed under in the Idea Book & Catalog.  So all the Holiday stamps go in one spot, the Occasions stamps go in another, etc.  This is the system I use, and it really helps me.  In addition to keeping my stamps straight, it helps me orient to the catalog.  Since I use my catalog a lot, not only for helping people place orders but also for my own design inspiration, I feel that I kill two birds with one stone.

Whatever stamp organization system you choose, get one going.  When you can find what you are looking for, creating hand stamped projects is much more fun.  Stamping is meant to be a time of creativity and enjoyment, not frustration.  So organize your stamps and you will be stamping stress-free!

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