Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are Your Ribbons Ready?

You can organize your ribbons in purpose-made shelves (available at for easy access. But then there are those little scraps. You know, the pieces you cut for a project and then didn't use. I like to store my scraps and pieces in a ribbon "jar." I call it a jar, but it's actually a vase, because I don't want to have to open a lid when I'm looking for/grabbing a piece of ribbon. Remember, you want your organization to work FOR you not against you. You want it to SAVE time not cost you time.  For an extra bit of organization as well as style, I added a one of the Curly Chalkboard Labels from the Summer Mini Catalog ($5.95 for 3 labels).  See the labels below. 

Ribbon is my go-to embellishment. It adds the perfect touch to most any project. I use ribbon on my hand-stamped cards, scrapbook pages, handmade gifts, and more. Of course, they also make for extra-special packaging. When wrapping up a gift, even a small or inexpensive one, I like to make it extra special with nice wrapping or even just some nice ribbon. Stampin' Up! ribbon comes in all our core colors as well as in colors (trendy colors that keep everything fresh) and is very, very nice quality. I like to wrap a stack of hand-stamped cards in a generous length of ribbon for gifting. Super simple, super easy, extra special!

To purchase these neat, tidy, yet stylish organization helps for your crafting, just click here to enter my store.  You can shop and even search to your heart's content.  The ribbon shelves (technically, the name is Ribbon Keepers) are 107634, 2 small (11.95), 107635, 2 medium ($15.95), and 107636, 2 large ($18.95) and the Curly Chalboard Labels (shown above) are 118876, 3 labels ($5.95) and Oval Chalkboard Labels (same as above but oval-shaped) are 121019, 3 labels ($5.95).  Just plug those numbers into the search to find them in seconds.  And while you're there, check out our ribbons!

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