Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

This is my normal  inspirational Sunday post.  You may ask why I don't have a typical inspirational project in my post.  But today is a doubly special Sunday since it's the Lord's Day as well as our national Independence Day.  Since God is the author and originator of freedom, I thought that anything highlighting freedom was worthy of being placed in my inspirational spot this week. 

Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and do not again be held with the yoke of bondage.
(Gal 5:1 MKJV)

Every person on the planet longs for freedom and liberty.  It's the way God made us to be.  On this Independence Day, Fourth of July, holiday, I'm counting my blessings of freedom and liberty.  I live in a free country where I am free to worship as I desire, free to work where I want, free to raise my family according to my values, free to disagree with my government and so much more.  So many people around the world do not enjoy these precious freedoms.  I purpose to not take these things for granted.  They cannot be purchased with money as they exceed monetary value.  In addition to national freedom, I have spiritual freedom.  Christ Jesus has set my spirit free, no longer under the hard taskmaster of sin.

Now the Lord is the Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there the heart is free.
(2Co 3:17 BBE)

All freedom is "bought" with blood.  For our nation, our brave men and women in uniform serve us sacrificially, all too often laying down their lives, quite literally, for us to maintain our precious freedoms.  For our souls, the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood, laying down His own life, that all who desire His freedom, may freely receive it and thereby be truly free.  Free:  the way we are meant to be.

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