Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No More Dead Birds!

Have you ever had birds flying into your windows?  I have.  It's not very nice to go outside on the patio and discover a dead bird right outside the door.  Of course, our feathered friends often can't see our windows because they are clear (and my hubby keeps ours sparkling clean:).  So they fly into them at full speed and end up dead.  Solution:  Decor Elements

I love the versatility and practical nature of our Decor Elements as well as their subtle sophistication.  Here, you can see where I have applied our Long Stem Silhouette Decor Elements to the window in my back door.  The white ones are great on windows as they are subtle yet provide enough image to be attractive for us and a deterrent for the birds.  When I apply one of our white Decor Elements, I get double duty from my image.  It adds a subtle yet lovely decorative element to my window and thus my room.  (It also looks really pretty from the patio looking toward the house.)  It also helps my local bird population:)  No more dead birds outside my door!  Decor Elements have come to the rescue, and my home is, once again, a place of life and beauty!

Shown above:  Long Stem Silhouette (114125)-white, medium (5 3/4" x 27 7/8").  Also available in black and chocolate as well as a larger size (12 3/4" x 52 3/4").  Click here to order today from my 24/7 store:  candystamps.stampinup.net.  While you are there, browse our other decorative vinyl art for affordable, practical, AND beautiful home decor.

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