Friday, August 6, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking

I'm having such fun using My Digital Studio to build a scrapbook of my first grandchild's earliest days.  Now, Olivia is gorgeous AND photogenic (grandma kudos allowed:).  But even really good photos of beautiful babies look better with a little embellishment.  Here, I used one of the templates already provided in My Digital Studio, just dropped in my photo, added a few extras, and voila!  A scrapbook page created with just a few clicks of the mouse! (And no mess:)

If you would like to learn more about scrapbooking with My Digital Studio, contact me at 210-492-3218.  In addition to making scrapbooking a cinch, it's a digital solution to many of your papercrafting needs.  Don't stop with scrapbooking when using My Digital Studio.  Move on to card making, calendars, and more.  Check out the lovely birth announcement I created with My Digital Studio here in last week's post. 

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