Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Love

When owning your own business, you should love what you do.  After all, if I am going to put time and effort into something I actually own, I should really love it.  That love carries me through the tough days (which come to everyone:).  So what do I love about my stamping business?  I'm so glad you asked! 

Here is the first thing I love about my business:  I love stamping and crafting!  This is my passion.  I love getting my fingers inky, I love creating amazing things with paper, I love making things that people ooh and aah over, I love making unique, one-of-a-kind projects, I love the feeling of pride and accomplishment in a finished project...okay you get the picture.  I love making projects!  My favorite projects are cards.  But I also really enjoy the cute little packages and boxes, the scrapbook pages that make my favorite photos extra special, and the newest part of my stamping business--fabric projects with the Big Shot.  Because this is my passion and I love making all these things, I love leading others into this passion.  Whether in a class, workshop, or public event setting, I watch with wonder as others catch the "creative bug" of stamping.  After all, when I am able to "pass on" my love of stamping, that creative passion keeps growing.

Do you love to stamp?  That might be an initial indicator that owning your own stamping business is the ticket for you.  Through the end of this month, you can do that for just $99 with the Mini Starter Kit.  For more information about the Mini Starter Kit, click here.  And call me at 210-492-3218 to find out still more.

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