Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flirty, frilly, girly AND powerful!

This is another of my Almost Artisan Awards entries, this time in the 3D category.  I endeavored to bring together two seemingly opposing worlds that actually harmonize quite beautifully.   What are those worlds?  The very feminine, flirty, frilly, girly, pretty world and the world of challenge, significance, vision and big dreams.  Don't you think these two worlds operate together in a lovely way?  Whoever said that pretty can't be competent and powerful?

I love these little pillowboxes.  They come together in a snap with the Big Shot die cutting machine and take only a very small amount of adhesive to hold together. So you make a very pretty little package for just pennies.  This pillowbox can then be filled with all manner of goodies from lipgloss to candies to business cards to jewelry.  I'm sure you can think of other things to put inside, too! 

With lovely, handmade packaging like this, all our little somethings become extra special.  And if we have something of greater value and significance to give, why would we give it in anything other than extraordinary packaging?  So, inexpensive or valuable, common or rare, all our gifts take on a greater beauty with lovely packaging!  Contact me at candy@sweetstamper.com to learn more about pretty packaging for your gifts.

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