Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost Artisan Awards

This is another of my Almost Artisan Awards entries.  Although it was entered in the Artisan Awards Contest along with 9 other projects, I did not win:(

This is a fairly simple scrapbook page, 8-1/2 x 11.  Maybe it was too simple for a contest entry.  This is a photo of my youngest son and two friends.  As they are all young and a little bit funky, that is the look I tried to achieve.  I love adding some stitching to my paper projects, although I have just begun to do this.  I think it adds great textural interest.  In this scrap page, I wanted the stitching to be a bit irregular and untidy.  That's why I left some of the threads long rather than trimming them as I would normally do.

I love using the Jumble Alphabet in scrapbooking.  It can take on so many different looks because of the varying styles, sizes, and shapes of the letters.  Another bonus when using the Jumble Alphabet is that you don't really need to line up the letters and get them all straight.  Because of the mixed styles and sizes, they just look good whether they are straight or not.  For me, that is a real bonus:)

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