Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Smooching Tips!

Tips and Techniques:
  • For best results, spray Smooch Spritz six to ten inches from project. 
  • For a heavier application of color, spray Smooch Spritz closer to the project.  
  • Before each use, shake Smooch Spritz vigorously until all particles are mixed. The sprayer can clog if particles get sucked up into the tube. Spray in direction of arrow as viewed on nozzle top.   
  • To speed dry time, heat with a heat tool.  
  • If ink dries outside the nozzle, remove the nozzle on the Smooch Spritz and submerge in household cleaner (such as Windex or 409), for 20 minutes. Rinse, replace the nozzle, shake well and spray 
  • Layer colors by spraying a small amount of two different colors of Smooch Spritz onto your project. Start with a lighter color and end with a darker color. 
  • Build color by spraying several thin coats of Smooch Spritz. Allow to dry between coats. 
  • Spray chipboard and embellish with a coordinating Smooch™ color.  
  • Spray a background of Smooch Spritz on cards and/or scrapbook pages. When dry, stamp desired images.
I do recommend using the Color Catcher (121093)--it will help you contain any excess smooching:)  Now that you have so many smooching tips, you are ready for action!  Click here to purchase your own Smooch Spritz  Try several colors, and have fun!

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