Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspirational Sunday Post

This lovely card, made by another stamper, uses the words from Refuge and Strength, the greeting from Sincere Salutations, and the lovely fern image from Kind and Caring Thoughts.
These stamp sets work together with the graduating shades of blue to bring home a message of peace and rest in God.  In the midst of tumultuous, troubling times, we only find true rest and peace in God.  It's not in the striving to hear Him or trying to get Him to do what we want but the resting in His warm embrace, secure in His faithful love, that is our way through the darkest of times.  This is a perfect card for someone in a dark time, a dark place, looking for some light. 

Share the love of Jesus, the Light of the World, with those around you...especially those in a dark place.  Share by expressing  kind, reassuring, true words, gently spoken through a hand-stamped card.

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