Friday, March 12, 2010

Check out my new pages!

Have you noticed the new captions at the top of my blog?  Look up a bit, just under the blog banner.  You will now see the following captions:  Home, Card Classes Available, and Scrapbook Classes Available in pink letters.  (I do like pink:)   There's also a special page for those wishing to join my team of demonstrators:  the Southern Sweet Stampers.  Now you can just click on any of the captions to be on different pages but still be on my blog.  How cool is that !  I'm pretty excited about this new feature!

So why are there more pages to my blog?  So you can see what classes are available for registration at any time.  Classes on the class pages are those that you can register for right then.  Once those classes are over, they will be removed and other current classes will appear.   That way, if you miss the actual blog post about the class, you can still get all the info and register for the class without having to search through days and days of blog posts.  I hope you like this new feature!

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