Friday, March 19, 2010

Wood Mount vs. Clear Mount-Storage

So just how much difference is there between wood mount and clear mount when it comes to storage? 

There are 17 stamp sets in the Occasions Mini Catalog that are available in both wood mount and the new clear mount.  The stack on the left represents those 17 sets in their clear mount storage cases, while the stack on the right represents the same 17 sets mounted on wood and in their traditional storage cases.  The space savings is obvious!  Not only do they take up less space, they are all the same size (the size of a DVD storage case) which makes storing and transporting them much easier. Most of us are space-challenged, and this new clear mount option really addresses that need. 

Of course, storage is only one aspect of the wood mount vs. clear mount debate.  Personally, I have some of both and enjoy both for different reasons.  I did just purchase the new Awash with Flowers stamp set that will debut in April.  (See posts below for pics.)   I chose the clear mount specifically because the Awash with Flowers set is a two-step stamp set.  That means you can stamp an image and then stamp another image directly on top for a totally different look.  The clear mount makes this ultra-easy and gives really good placement.

When it comes time to place your order the choice is up to you.  What will you choose?  You are welcome to come by my studio to try out the clear mounts if you haven't already.  Just call me at 210-492-3218 or email me at to arrange a time. 

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