Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Quilting

Did you know you can do great quilting projects with ease and speed with the Big Shot?  The quilt shown here, made by Jill Olsen, shows how you can make a great pattern by simply using the Circles #2 Die with  the Big Shot.  You can cut 8 layers of regular cotton fabric at one time on the Big Shot.  So instead of cutting all these circles out with a rotary cutter, one by one, you can turn the handle on your Big Shot a few times and voila!  You have 8 of EACH circle on the die, cut with precision and ease!

Cutting fabric with the Big Shot is a breeze--it cuts out evenly and consistently saving you time and trouble while bringing a greater level of precision to your quilting projects.

Get your Big Shot today and be on your way to fabulous quilting projects made easy!  Click here to look at the Big Shot, the many dies, and you can even buy it right now!

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